Aloha, I am Michelle Peedee! I am sure you are here because you know me already, but if you don’t, welcome to my For Photographers page! I am a photographer, an educator and one of the creators of Salty Sailor Presets. I am located in paradise on the Island of Oahu. For the first time ever, I am offering ZOOM calls and in person mentorships! I cannot wait to meet you and prepare yourself to get your learn on! Welcome to my page and I am excited to be part of your journey.


I am one of the creators of the SALTY Preset Pack and the MOOR Preset Pack found at Salty Sailor Presets. If you are interested in purchasing any of my preset packs, click the link below! You won’t be disappointed.

The Salty
Preset Pack

Dark unedited image, as dad stands near to them at the beach Salty Preset Pack, Lightened and edited image, a little girl hugs her mother, as dad stands near to them at the beach
Designed to be used during golden hour, and will give you great skin tones, and assist you in developing that bold and vibrant editing style with natural tones and rich colors.

Preset Pack

Dark unedited image, dad lifts young son in the air, mom holds daughter's hands, they are in the forest Salty Preset Pack, Lightened and edited image, dad lifts young son in the air, mom holds daughter's hands, they are in the forest
The MOOR Preset Pack is for editing all of your indoor images, whether you shoot with OCF or natural light indoors.



Our Salty Sailor Editing Videos (A Grain of Salt) are made for photographers. Editing photos can seriously boost their quality, but the process can be hard to master. That’s where we come in. Learn all you need to know about photo editing and discover how you can fix your images in a flash. Gain the skills and resources to transform how you do business and make each image come to life. Check out the editing videos we currently have published and get your learn on!


ZOOM SessioN

01 hour – $200

02 hours- $350

03 hours – $550

What we can discuss: Social media posting, gaining your ideal clients, setting up styled sessions and/or model calls, advertising, styling your own sessions, starting a client closet, camera settings (Sony only please), SEO for your website, marketing your business, setting up your pricing/packages, legitimizing your business , shooting, lighting, posing, prompts, session flow and more. The sky’s the limit and we can go over anything you need help with. EDITING IS EXCLUDED.

Other things to know:

  • 01 hour increments will be scheduled separately
  • If you choose more than 01 hour, the additional hours will not be on the same day
  • 50% is due to schedule your dates
  • the remaining 50% will be due the day before our ZOOM Session

Shooting & Editing Mentorship

04 hours – $1600

What is included:

  • 01 styled shoot setup and styled by me (family or a couple)
  • 01 location
  • 01 hour shoot & education
  • I will pick you up and we will go together and talk about shooting, camera settings and more on the way
  • I will pose/prompt the model family or couple
  • I will be assisting you with camera settings, moving the models, and the overall flow of the entire shoot
  • After the shoot, we will edit your images together from importing to culling to editing in full and exporting your images
  • I will teach you how to edit your images to obtain the same exact final look I provide my clients

Other things to know:

  • Ride to and from the photoshoot and editing location is provided
  • Sleeping accommodations are NOT included
  • You will get the SALTY Preset Pack & the MOOR Preset Pack
  • Receive 50% OFF the ZOOM session if booked with the Shooting & Editing Mentorship
  • 50% is due to reserve the date we agree on –
  • the remaining 50% is due the day before your Shooting & Editing Mentorship

*****OAHU residents are excluded from this mentorship******