Aloha beautiful souls! I’m Michelle Peedee, the passionate force behind Peedee Visuals. I recently traded my combat boots for a camera after nearly 12 years in the Armed Forces, and it’s been an absolute thrill. Engaging in photography for over 5 years, I’ve now taken the plunge to pursue it full-time. The journey began just before my move to Hawaii back in 2019. Hawaii isn’t merely a spot; it’s my perpetual happy place, and I’m here to savor every breathtaking moment.

Prior to finding my forever home here on Oahu, I have lived in various different places around the United States like New York, Florida, Puerto Rico, and now here in Hawaii. I’ve traveled to over 24 U.S. states, visited many Caribbean Islands, Guam, Singapore, the Marshall Islands, and explored many cities in Canada. While my travel map boasts some fantastic pins, my top three dream spots—Iceland, New Zealand, and Costa Rica—are calling my name.

Sunrises, sunsets, palm trees, and sandy beaches? You betcha, that’s my happy haven. Warm weather is my vibe, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. At home, I live with my amazing girlfriend, the one who not only rocks my world but also partners in crime with me. She’s the behind-the-scenes hype queen at most of my photoshoots. Our crew is incomplete without the coolest cat, Boo, and our underwater buddies, Travis and Taylor.

I’m here to bring you the absolute best experience, loads of fun, and capture the most epic moments of you and your loved ones in paradise. Thanks for tuning in. Can’t wait to meet you. See you soon!

Mahalo – “mah-hah-loh” - Thank you and an expression of gratitude