Getting your picture taken could be awkward and intimidating but I want to make sure you are looking your best. I know getting prepared to have your photos taken could be stressful, so I put this preparation guide together to ease some of the nerves and to help you prepare for your photo session with me. I am excited to meet you and I am looking forward to capturing really wonderful fun memories for you.


Timing is everything. I scheduled your shoot at the best time for the lighting conditions. The later you arrive, the less time I have to photograph you. It is important to be on time so I can capture the best images for you and your loved ones.


Please empty your pockets… no I am not robbing you, LOL, but please bring a small bag so you can place all your belongings into it. No wallets, phones, keys, keychains, hotel wristbands or anything in your pockets. I will check over you right before the shoot to make sure your pockets are emptied.


Photoshoots are new to kids. I expect kids to want to show off or misbehave at times and that’s totally okay. I will warm myself up to them, and I have plenty of ideas that’ll allow me to photograph them in a more interactive way versus posing. I want your kids to be themselves and let their personalities shine. Bring snacks for them too!


I know you are more than likely here on vacation and want to go home with a nice tan/sunburn, but for pictures, sunburns and tan lines are very hard to edit and to tone down. We are very close to the equator here and the sun is strong. To save yourself from pain and funky tan lines for your photoshoot and just in general, SPF 70 sunscreen is your best friend. Thank me later – LOL


A good rule of thumb is to understand matching is OUT and coordinating is IN. The mothers outfit is the most important, so pick out that outfit first, and coordinate everyone else’s with mama’s outfit. Please avoid stripes, cargo shorts with large pockets and clothing with many patterns. Check out the style guide I provided you, my instagram and my website to see what others have worn to their shoots for the best inspiration! Check out my style guide that I provided you as well! 

  • I am a bold and vibrant photographer, so choose one color that is bold (yellow/red/burnt orange) and coordinate your family’s colors to that bold color choice. Please avoid wearing whites.
  • For the ladies/girls – Long dresses are the way to go here because of the wind. Maxi dresses, wrap dresses, and rompers are in style and look flattering.
  • Locations to find really great dresses for photoshoots: Amazon, Target, Reclamation, Joyfolie, Free People, and Shein.
  • For the men/boys – Button down and henley shirts paired with bermuda shorts or nice pants.
  • Locations to find good mens clothes for photoshoots: Walmart, Gap, Target, Express, J Crew, and Shein.


Average price for hair and makeup together – $280 with travel (She comes to you)


Women: Haku Flower Crowns – $50-$100

Girls: Haku Flower Crown – $40-$80

Men: Maile Leaf Lei – $50-$75

What happens AFTER the shoot?

Hopefully by now you had the best possible photoshoot experience with me! I know you have tons of questions, so hopefully this will assist you!


Over the next couple weeks, I will start to fully edit your images and I will share a sneak peek on my social media, which you can tag, share, and enjoy! When I post that sneak peek, you know I am actively working on your gallery and within a few days I will be complete!


My turnaround time for the completion of your gallery is 21 days. I will send you a link that gives you access to all the images from your session. All the images in the gallery are color corrected and fully edited. There will be several more images in the gallery than what is included in your package, so you are able to choose the images you want. Once you select all of your favorite images and add them into your shopping cart to checkout, the images will be sent to your email right away. They will not contain a watermark on them, and will be sized at full resolution. Full resolution means you can enlarge the images, and the quality will remain sharp and clear.


I have personally printed canvas, framed images, and photo prints from MPIX, Smallwood Home, and Costco. They are the only companies I trust and send my clients to for enlarging and printing their images. They are accessible online, they are professional and well-known companies that have the best quality prints at the best price. If you order canvas or prints from them, you will have them at your door in less than 2 weeks. They are always running promotions and sales, so please look online to save you a few bucks. One thing to note is make sure when you import your images, do not have them auto-correct, or color correct anything (they ask on the website). What you see on your computer when I send you the images (color/sharpness/quality) is exactly what you will see when all the prints arrive at your door.


REVIEWS: The best thing you can give me is a positive review of my business and referring me to your friends or family! Peedee Visuals is on Google and Facebook, so I would greatly appreciate it if you could leave a review on any or all of those sites!


I do give discounts to military members (active and veterans), firefighters, and police officers. Also, if you refer me to your friends/family, let them know you sent them, so I can give you extra images or a discount on your next photoshoot with me.

Thank you so much for trusting me to take your photos! It was a pleasure meeting you and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.